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Show Formulas Instead of Results
Chapter 4: Getting More Out of Formulas
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
4 Click Advanced.
5 Click to select the Show
Formulas In Cells Instead
of Their Calculated
Results option.
6 Click OK.
Excel displays the
formulas instead of their
Note: You can also toggle the
display between formulas and
results by pressing Ctrl+`.
Try This!
The technique you learned in this section applies only to the current worksheet. If you
want to view the formulas in every sheet in a workbook, run the following VBA macro:
Sub ToggleFormulasAndResults()
Dim win As Window
Dim wv As WorksheetView
For Each win In ActiveWorkbook.Windows
For Each wv In win.SheetViews
wv.DisplayFormulas = Not wv.DisplayFormulas
Next ‘wv
Next ‘win
End Sub
See Chapter 11 to learn how to add and run a VBA macro in Excel.
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