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Use a Watch Window to Monitor a Cell Value
Use a Watch Window to
Monitor a Cell Value
You can make it easier to keep tabs on the
value of a particular cell by adding that cell to
the Excel Watch Window.
When you build a spreadsheet model, it is
often useful to monitor the value of a cell,
particularly if that cell contains a formula. For
example, if a cell calculates the average of a
range of values, you might want to monitor
the average as the data changes to see if it
reaches a particular value.
Monitoring a cell value is easy if you can see
the cell, but that will not always be the case.
For example, the data referenced by the cell’s
formula might reside in a different worksheet
or off-screen in the current worksheet. Rather
than constantly navigating back and forth to
check the cell value, you can use the Excel
Watch Window to monitor the value. The
Watch Window stays onscreen at all times, so
no matter where you are within Excel, you can
see the value of the cell.
1 Select the value you want
to watch.
2 Click the Formulas tab.
3 Click Watch Window.
The Watch Window
4 Click Add Watch.
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