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Use a Watch Window to Monitor a Cell Value
Chapter 4: Getting More Out of Formulas
The Add Watch dialog
box appears.
The selected cell appears
in the reference box.
If the cell is incorrect, you
can click here and then
click the cell you want to
5 Click Add.
Excel adds the cell to the
Watch Window.
The value of the cell
appears here.
As you work with Excel,
the Watch Window stays
on top of the other
windows so you can
monitor the cell value.
If the Watch Window gets
in the way, you can hide
it by either clicking the
Close button (X) or by
clicking Watch Window in
the Formula tab.
Did You Know?
You are not restricted to monitoring just a
single cell in the Watch Window. You can
add as many watch items as you need. Note,
too, that although you can use the Watch
Window as a handy way to monitor a cell
value, you can also use it to navigate. That
is, if you double-click a watch item, Excel
automatically selects the corresponding cell.
Remove It!
If you no longer need to monitor a
particular cell value, you should delete
the cell’s watch item to reduce clutter in
the Watch Window. Click the Formulas
tab and then click Watch Window to
open the Watch Window. Click the watch
you no longer need, and then click
Delete Watch. Excel removes the watch.
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