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Use Absolute Cell References in a Formula
Chapter 4: Getting More Out of Formulas
3 Place the cursor inside
the cell reference you
want to work with.
4 Press F4.
Excel converts the
reference to absolute
format by adding a dollar
sign ($) before the
column letter and before
the row number.
Note: You can also convert a relative
reference to absolute format by
inserting the dollar signs manually.
5 Press Enter.
Did You Know?
Excel also supports the mixed referenced
format , which combines relative and absolute
references. For example, a reference such as
$A1 uses an absolute reference for column A,
but a relative reference for row 1. Similarly, A$1
uses a relative reference for column A, but an
absolute reference for row 1. Use mixed
references when you want to copy a cell but
keep either the column or row the same in the
copied cells.
Remove It!
If you no longer need to use an
absolute reference to a particular
cell, you can edit the formula to use
a relative reference. Select the cell,
press F2, and then place the cursor
within the absolute reference. Either
press F4 until you get a relative
reference (that is, all the dollar signs
are removed), or delete the dollar
signs manually.
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