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Create an Array Formula
Create an Array
You can use an array formula to enter a
formula into multiple cells using just a single
operation. This can save you a lot of time
when you have to enter the same formula into
many different cells.
When you work with a range of cells, it might
appear as though you are working with a single
thing. In reality, however, Excel treats the
range as a number of discrete units.
This is in contrast to an array, which is a
group of cells or values that Excel treats as a
unit. In a range configured as an array, for
example, Excel no longer treats the cells
individually. Instead, it works with all the cells
at once, which enables you to do things such
as apply a formula to every cell in the range
using just a single operation.
One way to create an array is to use an array
formula, which is a single formula that enters
its results in multiple cells.
1 Select the range you
want to use for the array
2 Type = to start your
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