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Apply Range Names to Formulas
Chapter 4: Getting More Out of Formulas
The Apply Names dialog
box appears.
5 Click each name that you
want to apply.
6 Click OK.
‚óŹ Excel replaces range
references with the
corresponding range
More Options!
In the Apply Names dialog box, if
you select the Ignore Relative/
Absolute option, Excel replaces
relative range references only with
names that refer to relative
references, and it replaces absolute
range references only with names
that refer to absolute references.
More Options!
When Excel uses the names of rows and columns
to rename cell references, it automatically omits
the column name if all the references in a
formula refer to the same column. To change
this, in the Apply Names dialog box, click Options
and then select the Omit Column Name If Same
Column option. You can also tell Excel not to
omit row names by selecting the Omit Row
Name If Same Row option.
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