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Create a Link to Another Worksheet
Create a Link to
Another Worksheet
You can save time and add flexibility to your
formulas by creating links to cells that reside in
other worksheets. This enables you to take
advantage of work you have done in other
worksheets, so that you do not have to waste
time repeating your work on the current
You will often need to use a previously
calculated result as part of a new formula. For
example, if profit is up this year, but you want
to know by how much, you must create a
formula that subtracts last year’s profits from
this year’s profits. Assuming your current
worksheet contains a calculation for this year’s
profits, how do you include last year’s profits
in your formula? One way would be to look up
the number and then just copy it to your
formula, but that is problematic because you
might copy the number incorrectly or the
number might change.
The better solution is to create a link in your
formula that references the cell that holds the
profits result from last year.
1 Click in the cell in which
you want to build the
formula, type = , and
then type any operands
and operators you need
before adding the range
2 Press Ctrl+Page Down
until the worksheet you
want to use appears.
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