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Create a Link to Another Worksheet
Chapter 4: Getting More Out of Formulas
3 Select the range you
want to use.
4 Press Ctrl+Page Up until
you return to the original
A reference to the range
on the other worksheet
appears in your formula.
5 Type any operands and
operators you need to
complete your formula.
6 Press Enter.
Excel calculates the
formula result.
Did You Know?
Rather than selecting the other
worksheet range with your mouse,
you can type the range reference
directly into your formula. Type the
worksheet name, surrounded by
single quotation marks (‘) if the
name contains a space; then type an
exclamation mark (!); finally, type the
cell or range address. An example
would be ‘Expenses 2010’!B2:B10.
Did You Know?
You can also create a link to a cell in another
workbook. First, make sure that the workbook
you want to reference is open. When you reach
the point in your formula where you want to
add the reference, click the Excel icon ( ) in
the Windows taskbar, and then, in the list of
open workbooks that appears, click the other
workbook to switch to it. Click the worksheet
tab that has the range you want to reference,
and then select the range. Click the Excel icon
and then click the original workbook to switch
back to it. Excel adds the other workbook range
reference to your formula.
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