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Combine Two Ranges Arithmetically
Combine Two Ranges
You can manipulate one range’s data in a
separate range by using the Excel Paste Special
command to combine this range with another
range using a mathematical operation such as
addition or multiplication.
When you are building a spreadsheet, you may
sometimes find that the data you are using is not
correct, or is not producing the answers you
seek. For example, a particular range of numbers
might need to be doubled, or a range’s data may
work better if every value is increased by 10.
One way to approach this situation would be
to create a new range that includes formulas
that produce the data you want. For example,
if you want a range’s data doubled, you can
create a new range where each cell references
one of the original cells and multiplies it by 2.
Unfortunately, you cannot then delete the
original cells because doing so would produce
errors in the new formulas.
You can avoid this problem by creating a new
range that has the factor you want to use to
modify the original range, and then combining
the two ranges using the appropriate arithmetic
operation. Note that the new range does not
have to consist only of constant values, as in the
examples here; the new range can use whatever
values you require.
1 Create a range that
includes the factor by
which you want to
modify the original range.
Note: The new range must be the
same size and shape as the original
2 Select the original range.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 Click the Copy icon.
5 Select the range that
contains the factors.
6 Click the Paste
drop-down arrow.
7 Click Paste Special.
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