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Troubleshoot a Formula by Stepping Through Each Part
Chapter 4: Getting More Out of Formulas
Excel evaluates the
underlined term and then
displays the result in
Excel underlines the next
expression that it will
5 Click Evaluate.
6 Repeat step 5 to continue
evaluating the formula’s
Note: Continue evaluating the
formula until you find the error or
want to stop the evaluation.
If you evaluate all the
terms in the formula,
Excel displays the final
7 Click Close.
More Options!
If you do not see where your formula is
going wrong, it is possible that the error
exists in one of the cells referenced by
the formula. To check this, when Excel
underlines the cell reference, click the Step
In button at the bottom of the Evaluate
Formula dialog box. This tells Excel to
display that cell’s formula in the Evaluate
Formula dialog box, so you can then
evaluate this secondary formula to look for
problems. To return to the main formula,
click the Step Out button.
Try This!
If you suspect that a particular expression
is causing the problem, you may not
want to step through the rest of the
formula to test this one expression. To
avoid this, open the formula cell for
editing, and then select the expression
that you want to evaluate. Either click
the Formulas tab and then click
Calculate Now ( ) in the Calculation
group, or press F9. Excel evaluates the
selected expression. Press Esc when you
are done.
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