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Skip Data Tables When Calculating Workbooks
Skip Data Tables When
Calculating Workbooks
You can reduce the time it takes for Excel to
calculate a workbook if you configure Excel to
bypass data tables when it is recalculating the
When you are analyzing data with Excel, if you
are interested in studying the effect a range of
values has on the formula, it is often useful to
set up a data table. You learn how to do this in
Chapter 5.
Because a data table is an array, Excel treats it
as a unit, so a worksheet recalculation means
that the entire data table is always recalculated.
This is not a big problem for a small data table
that has a few dozen formulas. However, it is
not uncommon to have data tables with
hundreds or even thousands of formulas, and
these larger data tables can really slow down
worksheet recalculation. To avoid this
problem, you can configure Excel to skip data
tables when it calculates worksheets.
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options.
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
3 Click Formulas.
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