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Display Text Rather than Error Values
Chapter 4: Getting More Out of Formulas
4 After the formula, type a
comma followed by the
text, in quotation marks,
that you want Excel to
display in place of any
error, followed by a
closing parenthesis.
5 Press Ctrl+Enter.
Excel displays the
formula result in cells
where there is no error.
Excel displays the text
message in cells that
generate an error.
Did You Know?
Excel has a number of error values that it can generate. The following six are the most
Excel’s Most Common Error Values
Your formula is dividing by zero. Check the divisor input cells for values that are
either zero or blank.
Your formula could not return a legitimate result. Check that your function
arguments are appropriate for each function.
Your formula uses a range name or function name that Excel does not recognize.
Check your range names and function names.
Your formula uses a number inappropriately. For example, you entered a
negative number as the argument for the SQRT() . Check the arguments for your
mathematical functions to make sure they use the correct types of numbers.
Your formula contains an invalid cell reference. This usually occurs when you
delete a cell referenced by a formula. Restore the deleted cell or adjust the
formula to use a different cell.
Your formula uses an inappropriate value in a function argument. For example,
you might have used a string value instead of a numeric value. Check your
function arguments to make sure they use the correct data type.
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