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Check for Formula Errors in a Worksheet
Check for Formula
Errors in a Worksheet
You can take advantage of the background
error checking in Excel to look for formula
errors in a worksheet.
If you use Microsoft Word, you are probably
familiar with the wavy green lines that appear
under words and phrases that the grammar
checker has flagged as being incorrect. The
grammar checker operates by using a set of
rules that determine correct grammar and
syntax. As you type, the grammar checker
operates in the background and constantly
monitors your writing. If something you write
goes against one of the grammar checker’s
rules, the wavy line appears to let you know
there is a problem.
Excel has a similar feature: the formula error
checker. It is similar to the grammar checker,
in that it uses a set of rules to determine
correctness, and it operates in the background
to monitor your formulas. If it detects that
something is amiss, it displays an error
indicator — a green triangle — in the
upper-left corner of the cell containing the
formula. You can then use the associated smart
tag to see a description of the error and to
either fix or ignore the error.
1 Examine your worksheet
for a cell that displays the
error indicator.
2 Click the cell.
The error smart tag
3 Move the mouse pointer
over the smart tag.
Excel displays a
description of the error.
4 Click the smart tag.
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