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Chapter 5: Analyzing Excel Data
Excel Data
Excel is an excellent tool for storing data
and for building formulas that manipulate
that data in some way to produce a result.
However, you will often need to examine
your Excel data to look for patterns, view a
range of solutions to a problem, or perform
complex calculations that go beyond a
single formula. These more advanced uses
of Excel comprise data analysis , which is
the subject of this chapter.
cells that meet some criteria; visualizing
data with data bars, color scales, and icon
sets; and creating your own rules for
applying conditional formats to cells.
In this chapter you will also learn about
several of the most useful and powerful
features in Excel, including data tables,
scenarios, Goal Seek, worksheet
consolidation, filtering, outlines, and the
Analysis ToolPak add-in.
Here you will learn a number of useful data
analysis techniques, including highlighting
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