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Highlight Cells That Meet Some Criteria
Highlight Cells That
Meet Some Criteria
You can make a worksheet easier to analyze by
applying a conditional format to a range so
those cells stand out.
A conditional format is formatting that Excel
applies only to cells that meet the criteria you
specify. For example, you can tell Excel to only
apply the formatting if a cell’s value is greater
or less than some specified amount, between
two specified values, or equal to some value.
You can also look for cells that contain
specified text, cells with dates that occur
during a specified timeframe, and more.
When you set up your conditional format, you
can specify the font, border, and background
pattern, which helps to ensure that the cells
that meet your criteria stand out from the
other cells in the range.
1 Select the range you
want to work with.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Conditional
4 Click Highlight Cells
5 Click the operator you
want to use for the
A dialog box appears,
whose name depends on
the operator you clicked
in step 5.
6 Type the value you want
to use for the condition.
You can also click here
and then click in a
worksheet cell.
Depending on the
operator, you may need
to specify two values.
7 Click here and then click
the formatting you want
to use.
To create your own
format, click Custom
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