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Chapter 1: Making Excel More Efficient
Making Excel
More Efficient
If you find yourself spending a major part
of your day working with Excel, you can
make those chores go faster — and so
make your overall work life more
productive — by making Excel as efficient
as possible.
You can also make Excel more efficient
by using the mouse wheel to zoom,
automatically inserting decimal points,
pinning Excel to the Windows 7 taskbar,
creating binary workbooks, applying
formatting across multiple worksheets,
and using dialog box controls to input
worksheet data.
For example, you can launch common
commands more quickly by placing them
on the Quick Access Toolbar, which requires
just a single click to launch a command.
Similarly, you can customize the Ribbon
with your own tabs and groups to reduce
the time it takes to perform certain tasks.
In this chapter, you will learn how to
perform these and many other tasks that
boost your Excel efficiency.
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