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Analyze Cell Values with Data Bars
Chapter 5: Analyzing Excel Data
5 Click the fill type of data
bars you want to create.
Gradient Fill data bars
begin with a solid color
and then gradually fade
to white.
Solid Fill data bars are a
solid color.
Excel applies the data
bars to each cell in the
Did You Know?
If your range includes right-aligned values,
the Gradient Fill data bars are a better
choice than the Solid Fill data bars. This is
because even the longest Gradient Fill bars
fade to white towards the right edge of the
cell, so your range values should mostly
appear on a white background, making
them easier to read.
Remove It!
If you no longer require the data bars,
you can remove them. Follow steps 1 to
3 to select the range and display the
Conditional Formatting drop-down
menu, and then click Manage Rules.
Excel displays the Conditional Formatting
Rules Manager dialog box. Click the Data
Bar rule you want to remove and then
click Delete Rule.
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