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Analyze Cell Values with Icon Sets
Analyze Cell Values
with Icon Sets
You can help analyze large sets of data by
applying to each cell an icon that has a
symbolic association. The symbol gives you a
visual clue about the cell’s relative value
compared with the overall distribution of
values in the range.
When you are trying to make sense of a
large data set, symbols that have common or
well-known associations are often useful for
clarifying the data. For example, for most
people a check mark means something is good
or finished or acceptable, whereas an X means
something is bad or unfinished or unacceptable;
a green circle is positive, whereas a red circle is
negative (think traffic lights).
Excel puts these and many other symbolic
associations to good use with the icon sets
feature. You use icon sets to visualize the
relative values of cells in a range. In this case,
Excel adds a particular icon to each cell in the
range, and that icon tells you something about
the cell’s value relative to the rest of the range.
For example, the highest values might be
assigned an upward-pointing arrow, the lowest
values a downward-pointing arrow, and the
values in between a horizontal arrow.
1 Select the range you
want to work with.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Conditional
4 Click Icon Sets.
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