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Plug Multiple Input Values into a Formula
Plug Multiple Input
Values into a Formula
You can analyze the result of a formula by
creating scenarios that plug multiple input
values into the formula.
Many formulas take a number of input values
to produce a result. When you are analyzing
the formula’s results, it helps to manipulate the
input values in some systematic way. For
example, one set of values might represent a
best-case approach, while another might
represent a worst-case approach. In Excel, each
of these coherent sets of input values — known
as changing cells — is called a scenario .
For example, if you are calculating a monthly
mortgage payment, the input values include
the initial down payment, the term of the
mortgage, and the paydown — the amount of
money you want to apply directly to the
principal each month. The best-case scenario
might involve a large down payment, a short
term, and a big paydown; a worst-case scenario
might involve a small down payment, a long
term, and a small paydown.
Excel offers the Scenario Manager tool to help
you create and use such scenarios.
Create a Scenario
1 Set up your worksheet
2 Click the Data tab.
3 Click What-If Analysis.
4 Click Scenario Manager.
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