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Plug Multiple Input Values into a Formula
Plug Multiple Input Values
into a Formula (continued)
Excel scenarios are a powerful data analysis
tool for a number of reasons. First, Excel
enables you to enter up to 32 changing cells in
a single scenario, so you can create models that
are as elaborate as you need. Second, no
matter how many changing cells you have in a
scenario, Excel enables you to show a
scenario’s result with just a few mouse clicks.
Third, because the number of scenarios you
can define is limited only by the available
memory on your computer, you can effectively
use as many scenarios as you need to analyze
your data model.
The Scenario Values
dialog box appears.
! Use the text boxes to
specify a value for each
changing cell.
To add more scenarios,
you can click Add and
then repeat steps 6 to 11.
@ Click OK.
The Scenario Manager
dialog box appears.
# Click Close.
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