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Calculate the Break-Even Point
Chapter 5: Analyzing Excel Data
The Goal Seek dialog box
5 Click inside the Set Cell
text box.
6 Click the cell that
contains the formula you
want Goal Seek to work
7 Type the value that you
want Goal Seek to find.
Note: In a break-even analysis, the
set cell is the profit formula, and the
value you seek is 0.
8 Click inside the By
Changing Cell text box.
9 Click the cell that you
want Goal Seek to
0 Click OK.
Goal Seek adjusts the
units sold until it reaches
a solution.
The Profit formula now
shows 0.
! Click OK.
More Options!
In some cases, Goal Seek may not find an exact solution to your model. That can happen
if it takes Goal Seek a relatively long time to find a solution, because Goal Seek stops
either after 100 iterations or if the current result is within 0.001 of the desired result.
You can get a more accurate solution by increasing the number of iterations that Goal
Seek can use, by reducing the value that Goal Seek uses to mark a solution as “close
enough,” or both. Click the File icon, click Options, and then click Formulas. Increase the
value of the Maximum Iterations spin box, decrease the value in the Maximum Change
text box, or both, and then click OK.
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