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Consolidate Data from Multiple Worksheets
Chapter 5: Analyzing Excel Data
Excel adds the range to
the All References list.
0 Repeat steps 7 to 9 to
add all of the
consolidation ranges.
! Click OK.
Excel consolidates the
data from the source
ranges and displays the
summary in the
destination range.
More Options!
If the source data changes, then you probably want to reflect those changes in the
consolidation worksheet. Rather than running the entire consolidation over again, a
much easier solution is to select the Create Links to Source Data check box in the
Consolidate dialog box. This enables you to update the consolidation worksheet by
clicking the Data tab and then clicking Refresh All.
This also means that Excel creates an outline in the consolidation sheet, and you can
use that outline to see the detail from each of the source ranges. See the section
“Create an Outline Automatically” to learn more about outlines in Excel.
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