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Filter Table Data
Chapter 5: Analyzing Excel Data
Filter with a Quick
1 Click inside the table.
2 Click the Data tab.
3 Click Filter.
Excel adds drop-down
arrows to each field.
4 Click the drop-down
arrow for the field you
want to use as the filter.
5 Click Number Filters.
Note: If the field is a date field,
click Date Filters, instead; if the field
is a text field, click Text Filters.
6 Click the filter you want
to use.
The Custom AutoFilter
dialog box appears.
Note: Some quick filters do not
require extra input, so you can skip
the next two steps.
7 Type the value you want
to use, or use the list box
to select a unique value
from the field.
8 Click OK.
Excel filters the table to
show only those records
that have the field values
you selected.
Excel displays the
number of records found.
The field’s drop-down list
displays a filter icon.
9 To remove the filter, click
More Options!
You can create custom quick filters that use two different criteria, and you can filter
records that match both or at least one of the criteria. Follow steps 1 and 2 under “Filter
with a Quick Filter,” and then click Custom Filter. In the dialog box, select the operators
and values you want to use. To match both criteria, click And; to match at least one
criteria, click Or.
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