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Remove Duplicate Values from a Table
Remove Duplicate
Values from a Table
You can make your Excel tables more accurate
for data analysis by seeking out and removing
any duplicate records.
When you need to analyze the data in a table,
that analysis might involve filtering the data or
creating summary formulas that calculate sums,
averages, counts, and so on. For these kinds of
analysis to succeed, the data in the table must
be accurate. One of the main causes of table
inaccuracy is the presence of duplicate records
in the table. Duplicate records throw off your
calculations by including the same data two or
more times.
To prevent this kind of problem, you should
delete duplicate records from your table.
However, rather than looking for duplicates
manually, you can use the Remove Duplicates
command, which can quickly find and remove
duplicates in even the largest tables.
Before you use the Remove Duplicates
command, you must decide what defines a
duplicate record in your table. That is, does
every field have to be identical, or is it enough
that only certain fields are identical?
1 Click a cell inside the
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click Remove Duplicates.
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