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Enable the Analysis ToolPak Add-In
Chapter 5: Analyzing Excel Data
The Add-Ins dialog box
6 Click to select the
Analysis ToolPak
check box.
7 Click OK.
Excel loads the Analysis
ToolPak add-in.
8 Click the Data tab.
9 Click Data Analysis to
access the Analysis
ToolPak tools.
Apply It!
To use one of the Analysis ToolPak’s
statistical tools, click the Data tab and then
click Data Analysis. In the Data Analysis
dialog box that appears, click the tool you
want to use, and then click OK. Excel
displays a dialog box for the tool. Use the
dialog box to specify the tool settings you
want to use (the controls vary from tool to
tool), and then click OK.
Remove It!
If you no longer need the Analysis
ToolPak, you can disable the add-in to
reduce clutter on the Ribbon’s Data tab
and to save a bit of space on your
computer’s hard drive. Follow steps 1 to
5 to display the Add-Ins dialog box. Click
to deselect the Analysis ToolPak check
box, and then click OK.
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