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Chapter 6: Analyzing Data with PivotTables
Analyzing Data
with PivotTables
Tables and external databases can contain
hundreds or even thousands of records.
Analyzing that much data can be a
nightmare without the right kinds of tools.
To help you, Excel offers a powerful data
analysis tool called a PivotTable . This tool
enables you to summarize hundreds of
records in a concise tabular format. You
can then manipulate the layout of — or
pivot — the table to see different views of
your data.
A PivotTable is a powerful data analysis
tool in part because it automatically groups
large amounts of data into smaller, more
manageable categories. Excel also displays
summary calculations for each group. The
default calculation is Sum, which means
that for each group, Excel totals all the
values in some specified field. A PivotTable
also enables you to filter the data to show
just a subset of the data.
In this chapter you learn how to create
PivotTables, edit them, pivot them, format
them, calculate with them, and much more.
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