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Build a PivotTable from an Excel Table
Build a PivotTable
from an Excel Table
If the data you want to cross-tabulate exists as
an Excel table, you can use the Summarize
with PivotTable command to easily build a
PivotTable report based on your data. You
need only specify the location of your source
data and then choose the location of the
resulting PivotTable.
Excel creates an empty PivotTable in a new
worksheet or in the location you specify. Excel
also displays a PivotTable Field List, which
contains four areas with the following labels:
Report Filter, Column Labels, Row Labels,
and Values. To complete the PivotTable, you
must populate some or all of these areas with
one or more fields from your data.
When you add a field to the Row Labels,
Column Labels, or Report Filter area, Excel
extracts the unique values from the field and
displays them in the PivotTable in the row,
column, or page field, respectively. For
example, if you add the Salesperson field to the
Row Labels area, Excel updates the
PivotTable’s row area to display the unique
salesperson names as headings that run down
the leftmost column of the report.
1 Click a cell within the
table that you want to
use as the source data.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click Summarize with
The Create PivotTable
dialog box appears.
4 Select the New
Worksheet option.
If you want to place the
PivotTable in an existing
location, select the
Existing Worksheet
option and then use the
Location box to select the
worksheet and cell where
you want the PivotTable
to appear.
5 Click OK.
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