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Create a PivotTable from External Data
Chapter 6: Analyzing Data with PivotTables
Excel returns you to the
PivotTable and PivotChart
Wizard - Step 2 of 3
dialog box.
* Click Finish.
Excel creates an empty
The fields available in the
table or query that you
chose in step 11 appear
in the PivotTable Field
( Click and drag fields from
the PivotTable Field List
and drop them in the
PivotTable areas.
Excel summarizes the
external data in the
The most common drawback to using an
external data source is that you often have
no control over the actual external file. For
example, if you attempt to refresh the
PivotTable, Excel may display an error
message. If you suspect the problem is a
change to the database login data, click OK
to display the Login dialog box and find
out the new login name and password
from the database administrator.
If you receive an error when you attempt
to refresh a PivotTable based on external
data, the problem may also be that the
database file has been moved or
renamed. Click OK in the error message,
and then click Database in the Login
dialog box. You can then use the Select
Database dialog box to find and select the
database file.
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