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Refresh PivotTable Data
Refresh PivotTable
You can ensure that the data analysis
represented by the PivotTable remains up to
date by refreshing the PivotTable.
Whether your PivotTable is based on financial
results, survey responses, or a database of
collectibles such as books or DVDs, the
underlying data is probably not static. That is,
the data changes over time as new results come
in, new surveys are undertaken, and new items
are added to the collection. You will need to
refresh the PivotTable to ensure that it is
Excel offers two methods for refreshing a
PivotTable: manual and automatic. A manual
refresh is one that you perform yourself,
usually when you know that the source data
has changed, or if you simply want to be sure
that the latest data is reflected in your
PivotTable report. An automatic refresh is one
that Excel handles for you. For PivotTables
based on Excel ranges or tables, you can tell
Excel to refresh a PivotTable every time you
open the workbook that contains the report.
Refresh Data Manually
1 Click any cell inside the
2 Click the Options tab.
3 Click Refresh.
You can also press
‚óŹ To update every
PivotTable in the current
workbook, click the
Refresh drop-down arrow
and then click Refresh All.
You can also update all
PivotTables by pressing
Excel updates the
PivotTable data.
Refresh Data
1 Click any cell inside the
2 Click the Options tab.
3 Click PivotTable.
4 Click Options.
Note: You can also right-click any
cell in the PivotTable and then click
PivotTable Options.
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