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Customize the Ribbon
the Ribbon
You can improve your Excel productivity by
customizing the Ribbon with extra commands
that you use frequently.
Keep in mind that you cannot modify any of
the default tabs and groups in Excel, other
than hiding tabs you do not use. Instead, you
customize the Ribbon by adding a new group
to an existing tab, and then adding one or
more commands to the new group.
Alternatively, you can add a new tab to the
Ribbon, add your own groups to that tab, and
then add your commands.
Display the Customize
Ribbon Tab
1 Right-click any part of the
2 Click Customize the
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
Excel automatically
displays the Customize
Ribbon tab.
Use these lists to choose
the commands you want
to add.
These lists show the
existing tabs and groups.
To display a tab’s groups,
you can click the tab’s
plus sign (+).
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