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Add Multiple Fields to the Data Area
Add Multiple Fields
to the Data Area
Excel enables you to add multiple fields to the
PivotTable’s data area, which enhances your
analysis by enabling you to see multiple
summaries at one time.
For example, suppose you are analyzing the
results of a sales campaign that ran different
promotions in several types of advertisements.
A basic PivotTable might show you the sum of
the Quantity sold (the data field) for each
Product (the row field) according to the
Advertisement in which the customer reported
seeing the campaign (the column field). You
might also be interested in seeing, for each
product and advertisement, the net dollar
amount sold. You can do that by adding the
Net $ field to the data area, as you see in the
example used in this section. You can use
either of the techniques in this section to add
multiple fields to the data area.
Add a Field to the Data
Area with a Check Box
1 Click a cell within the
2 Select the check box of
the field you want to add
to the data area.
Excel adds a button for
the field to the Values list.
Excel adds the field to the
PivotTable’s data area.
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