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Add Multiple Fields to the Data Area
Chapter 6: Analyzing Data with PivotTables
Add a Field to the Data
Area by Dragging
1 Click a cell within the
2 In the PivotTable Field
List, click and drag the
field you want to add and
drop the field in the
Values section.
Excel adds the field to the
Did You Know?
When you add a second field to the data area, Excel moves
the labels — for example, Sum of Quantity and Sum of Net
$ — into the column area for easier reference. This is also
reflected in the addition of a Values button in the Column
Labels section of the PivotTable Field List. This enables you
to pivot the values within the report. For more information,
see the section, “Move a Field to a Different Area.”
More Options!
Excel does not restrict
you to just two fields in
the data area. You are
free to add three, four,
or more data fields to
enhance your analysis of
the data.
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