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Move a Field to a Different Area
Chapter 6: Analyzing Data with PivotTables
Move a Row or Column
Field to the Page Area
1 Click a cell within the
2 Click and drag a row field
button and drop it within
the PivotTable’s Report
Filter area.
Excel moves the field to
the page area.
You can also drag a field
button from the Column
Labels area and drop it
within the Report Filter
Did You Know?
You can also move any row, column, or page area field to the PivotTable’s data area.
This may seem strange because row, column, and page fields are almost always text
values, and the default data area calculation is Sum. How can you sum text values? You
cannot, of course. Instead, the default PivotTable summary calculation for text values is
So, for example, if you drag the Category field and drop it inside the data area, Excel
creates a second data field named Count of Category. To learn more about working with
multiple data area fields, see the section, “Add Multiple Fields to the Data Area.”
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