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Apply a Report Filter
Apply a
Report Filter
You can focus in on a specific item from one of
the source data fields by taking advantage of
the PivotTable’s report filter.
By default, each PivotTable report displays a
summary for all the records in your source
data. This is usually what you want to see.
However, there may be situations in which you
need to focus more closely on some aspect of
the data.
For example, suppose you are dealing with a
PivotTable that summarizes data from
thousands of customer invoices over some
period of time. A basic PivotTable may tell you
the total amount sold for each product that
you carry. However, what if you want to see
the total amount sold for each product in a
specific country? If the Product field is in the
PivotTable’s row area, then you can add the
Country field to the column area. However,
there may be dozens of countries, so that is
not an efficient solution. Instead, you can add
the Country field to the report filter. You can
then tell Excel to display the total sold for each
product for the specific country that you are
interested in.
Filter the PivotTable
1 Click the report filter
drop-down list box.
Excel displays a list of the
report filter items.
2 Click the report filter item
you want to view.
If you want to display
data for two or more
report filter items, select
the Select Multiple Items
option and then repeat
step 2 to select the other
3 Click OK.
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