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Apply a Report Filter
Chapter 6: Analyzing Data with PivotTables
Excel filters the PivotTable
to show only the data for
the item you selected.
Excel displays the filter
icon to indicate that the
PivotTable is filtered.
Remove the Report
1 Click the report filter
drop-down list box.
Excel displays a list of the
report filter items.
2 Click All.
3 Click OK.
Note: You can also click the Options
tab, click Clear, and then click Clear
Excel adjusts the
PivotTable to show the
data for all the items in
the report filter.
More Options!
You can add multiple fields to the report filter
by dragging two or more fields to the Report
Filter section of the PivotTable Field List. This
enables you to apply multiple filters to the
data. For example, you could add the Country
field and the Salesperson field to the report
filter to see each person’s sales by country.
To do this, you would use the steps shown in
this section to choose an item in each report
filter list.
When you filter your PivotTables
using multiple fields in the report
filter, be aware that not all
combinations of items from the
fields will produce PivotTable results.
For example, a particular salesperson
may not have sold any products to
customers in a specific country, so
combining those filters produces a
PivotTable without any data.
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