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Apply a PivotTable Quick Style
Apply a PivotTable
Quick Style
You can greatly reduce the time you spend
formatting your PivotTables if you apply a
Quick Style.
A Quick Style is a collection of formatting
options — fonts, borders, and background
colors — that Excel defines for different areas
of a PivotTable. For example, a Quick Style
might use bold, white text on a black
background for labels and grand totals, and
white text on a dark blue background for items
and data. Defining all these formats manually
might take a while. But with Quick Styles, you
choose the one you want to use for the whole
PivotTable, and Excel applies the individual
formatting options automatically.
Excel defines more than 80 Quick Styles,
divided into three categories: Light, Medium,
and Dark. The Light category includes Pivot
Style Light 16, the default formatting applied
to PivotTable reports that you create, and
None, which removes all formatting from the
PivotTable. You can also create your own
PivotTable Quick Style format.
1 Click any cell within the
PivotTable you want to
2 Click the Design tab.
3 In the PivotTable Styles
group, click the More
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