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Change the PivotTable Summary Calculation
Chapter 6: Analyzing Data with PivotTables
The Value Field Settings
dialog box appears with
the Summarize Values By
tab displayed.
6 Click the summary
calculation you want
to use.
7 Click OK.
Excel recalculates the
PivotTable results.
Excel renames the data
field label to reflect the
new summary
You may find that the PivotTable results
do not look correct. In that case, check
the summary calculation that Excel has
applied to the field to see if it is using
Count instead of Sum. If the data field
includes one or more text cells or one
or more blank cells, Excel defaults to
the Count summary function instead
of Sum.
More Options!
When you add a second field to the row or
column area, Excel displays a subtotal for
each item in the outer field. To change the
subtotal summary calculation, click any cell
in the outer field, click the Options tab, click
Active Field, and then click Field Settings.
Select the Custom option, and then click the
summary calculation you want to use for the
subtotals. Click OK.
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