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Customize the Ribbon
Chapter 1: Making Excel More Efficient
Add a New Group
1 Click the tab you want to
2 Click New Group.
Excel adds the group.
3 Click Rename.
The Rename dialog box
4 Type a name for the
5 Click OK.
Excel adds the new group
to the tab.
More Options!
You can get more space on the Ribbon
and reduce clutter by removing any tabs
you do not use. For example, if you do
not use the Excel reviewing tools, then
you might prefer to hide the Review tab
to reduce the number of tabs you see
on-screen. In the list of tabs that appears
below the Customize the Ribbon drop-
down list, deselect the check box beside
any tab you want to hide.
Try This!
You can change the order in which the tabs
appear in the Ribbon. For example, if you
use the tools in the Data tab more often
than those in the Home tab, then you can
move the Data tab to be the first tab in the
Ribbon. Use the up and down arrow
buttons that appear to the right of the tab
list to modify the order. You can also use
these buttons to modify the order of the
groups within any tab.
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