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Customize the PivotTable Field List
Customize the
PivotTable Field List
You can customize the layout of the
PivotTable Field List to suit the way you work.
By default, the PivotTable Field List pane is
divided into two sections: the Fields Section
lists the available fields and appears at the top
of the pane, and the Areas Section lists the
PivotTable areas and appears at the bottom of
the pane.
However, you can customize this layout. For
example, you can choose the Field Section and
Areas Section Side-By-Side option, which puts
the Fields Section on the left and the Areas
Section on the right. This is useful if your
source data comes with a large number of fields.
Excel also offers the Fields Section Only
option, which is useful if you add fields to the
PivotTable by right-clicking the field name and
then clicking the area to which you want the
field to be added.
Excel also offers two Areas Section Only
options, which are useful if you have finished
adding fields to the PivotTable and you want
to concentrate on moving fields between the
areas and filtering the fields.
1 Click any cell inside the
2 Click here.
Excel displays the list of
PivotTable Field List
3 Click the option you want
to use.
Excel customizes the
PivotTable Field List
based on your selection.
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