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Create a PivotChart from a PivotTable
Create a PivotChart
from a PivotTable
Chapter 6
You can create a PivotChart directly from an
existing PivotTable. This saves times because
you do not have to configure the layout of the
PivotChart or any other options.
A PivotChart is a graphical representation of
the values in a PivotTable report. However, a
PivotChart goes far beyond a regular chart
because a PivotChart comes with many of the
same capabilities as a PivotTable. These
capabilities include hiding items, filtering data
using the report filter, refreshing the
PivotChart to account for changes in the
underlying data, and more. Also, if you move
fields from one area of the PivotTable to
another, the PivotChart changes accordingly.
You also have access to most of the regular
charting capabilities in Excel, which makes
PivotCharts a powerful addition to your data
analysis toolkit.
1 Click any cell in the
2 Press F11.
Excel creates a new chart
sheet and displays the
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