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Chapter 7: Importing Data into Excel
Importing Data
into Excel
A vast amount of data exists in the world,
and most of it resides in some kind of
non-workbook format. Some data exists
in simple text files, perhaps as comma-
separated lists of items. Other data resides
in tables, either in Word documents or,
more likely, in Access databases. There is
also an increasing amount of data that
resides in Web pages and in XML files.
Depending on your needs and on the type
of data, you can either import the data
directly into a PivotTable report, or store
the data on a worksheet. In most cases,
Excel also enables you to refresh the data
so that you are always working with the
most up-to-date version of the data.
Excel can access a wide variety of external
data types. However, this chapter focuses
on the six most common types: data source
files, Access tables, Word tables, text files,
Web pages, and XML files.
By definition, all this data is not directly
available to you in Excel. However, Excel
offers a number of tools that enable you to
import external data into the program.
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