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Import Data from an Access Table
Import Data from
an Access Table
If you want to use Excel to analyze data from a
table within an Access database, you can
import the table to an Excel worksheet.
In Chapter 8, you learn how to use Microsoft
Query to create a database query to extract
records from a database, to filter and sort the
records, and then to return the results to
Excel. In Chapter 8 you also learn that you can
create a database query for any ODBC data
source, including an Access database.
However, Excel gives you an easier way to do
this: you can import the table directly from the
Access database. To make this technique even
easier, Excel automatically creates a data
connection file for the database and table that
you import. Therefore, you can import the
same table in the future simply by opening the
data connection file.
Note, too, that you can also use the steps in
this section to import data from any query that
is already defined in the Access database.
1 Click the Data tab.
2 Click Get External Data.
3 Click From Access.
The Select Data Source
dialog box appears.
4 Open the folder that
contains the Access
5 Click the Access database
6 Click Open.
Note: If another user has the
database open, you may see the
Data Link Properties dialog box. If
so, make sure the login information
is correct and then click Test
Connection until you are able to
connect successfully. Then click OK.
The Select Table dialog
box appears.
7 Click the table or query
you want to import.
8 Click OK.
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