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Customize the Ribbon
Customize the
Ribbon (continued)
Although you will mostly prefer to add one or
more custom groups to the default Excel tabs,
this is not always convenient because it reduces
the amount of space available to the other
groups in the tab. This can cause the buttons
to appear cluttered, making it harder to find
the button you need.
In such cases, a better customization method is
to create your own tabs and populate them
with custom groups and commands.
You can also export your Ribbon customizations
to a file so that other people can import the
same customizations. For more information, see
the section, “Export Ribbon Customizations to
a File.”
Add a New Tab
1 In the Customize Ribbon
tab of the Excel Options
dialog box, click New Tab.
Excel adds the tab.
Excel adds a new group
within the tab.
2 Click the new tab.
3 Click Rename.
The Rename dialog box
4 Type the name you want
to use.
5 Click OK.
6 Repeat steps 3 to 5 to
rename the new group.
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