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Import Data from a Word Table
Import Data from
a Word Table
You can improve your analysis of Word table
data by importing the table into an Excel
Word tables are collections of rows, columns,
and cells, which means they look something
like Excel ranges. Moreover, you can insert
fields into Word table cells to perform
calculations. In fact, Word fields support cell
references such as B1 — the cell in the second
column and first row of the table — and you
can use cell references, built-in functions such
as SUM and AVERAGE, and operators such as
addition (+), multiplication (*), and greater
than (>), to build formulas that calculate
results based on the table data.
However, even the most powerful Word field
formula cannot perform the functions that are
available to you in Excel, which offers much
more sophisticated data analysis tools.
Therefore, to analyze your Word table data
properly, you should import the table into an
Excel worksheet.
1 Launch Microsoft Word
and open the document
that contains the table.
2 Click a cell inside the
table you want to import.
3 Click the Layout tab.
4 Click Select.
5 Click Select Table.
You can also select the
table by clicking the table
selection handle.
6 Click the Home tab.
7 Click Copy.
You can also press
Word copies the table to
the Clipboard.
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