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Import Data from a Word Table
Chapter 7: Importing Data into Excel
8 Switch to the Excel
workbook into which you
want to import the table.
9 Click the cell where you
want the table to appear.
0 Click the Home tab.
! Click Paste.
You can also press
Excel pastes the Word
table data.
The problem with this copy-and-paste method is that there is no connection between
the data in Word and the data in Excel. If you make changes to one set of data, those
changes are not automatically reflected in the other set of data.
A better approach is to shift the data’s container application from Word to Excel. That is,
after you paste the table data into Excel, copy the Excel range, switch to Word, click the
Home tab, click the Paste drop-down arrow, and then click Paste Special. In the Paste
Special dialog box, click HTML Format in the As list, select the Paste Link option, and
then click OK. The resulting table is linked to the Excel data, which means that any
changes you make to the data in Excel automatically appear in the Word table. Note,
however, that if you change the data in Word, you cannot update the original data in
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