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Import Data from a Text File
Chapter 7: Importing Data into Excel
Import Delimited Data
1 Select the Delimited
2 Use the Start Import at
Row spin box to set the
first row you want to
3 Click Next.
The Text Import Wizard –
Step 2 of 3 dialog box
4 Click to select the check
box beside the delimiter
character that your text
data uses.
If you choose the correct
delimiter, the data appears
in separate columns.
5 Click Next.
The Text Import Wizard –
Step 3 of 3 dialog box
Note: To complete this section,
follow the steps under “Finish the
Text Import Wizard.”
More Options!
It is common for text files to include a title or one or more lines of explanatory text at
the top of the document. In this case, you probably do not want to import this
introductory text into Excel. The exception to this would be if the text file has a line of
column headings. In that case, you should import the headings so that Excel includes
them at the top of the range of imported data.
To skip text at the beginning of the text file, use the Start Import at Row spin box in the
Text Import Wizard – Step 1 of 3 dialog box. Set the value of this control to the row
number where the data starts. For example, if you have four lines of introductory text
that you want to skip over, set the spin box value to 5.
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