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Import Data from a Text File
Import Data from a
Text File (continued)
If you are importing data that uses the
fixed-width structure, then you need to tell
Excel where the separation between each field
In a fixed-width text file, each column of data
is a constant width. The Text Import Wizard is
usually quite good at determining the width of
each column of data, and in most cases the
wizard automatically sets up column break lines,
which are vertical lines that separate one field
from the next. However, titles or introductory
text at the beginning of the file can impair the
wizard’s calculations, so you should check
carefully that the proposed break lines are
accurate. In the Text Import Wizard – Step 2
of 3 dialog box, you can scroll through all the
data to see if any break line is improperly
positioned for the data in a particular field. If
you find a break line in the wrong position,
you can move it to the correct position before
importing the text.
Import Fixed-Width
Note: You need to have run
through the steps under “Start the
Text Import Wizard” earlier in this
task before continuing with this
1 Select the Fixed Width
2 Use the Start Import at
Row spin box to set the
first row you want to
3 Click Next.
The Text Import Wizard –
Step 2 of 3 dialog box
4 Click and drag a break
line to set the width of
each column.
To create a break line,
you can click the ruler at
the point where you want
the break to appear.
To delete a break line,
you can double-click it.
5 Click Next.
The Text Import Wizard –
Step 3 of 3 dialog box
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