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Import Data from a Web Page
Import Data from
a Web Page
You can analyze Web page data by importing it
into Excel using a Web query.
To make data more readily available to a wide
variety of users, many people are placing data
on Web pages that are accessible through the
Internet or a corporate network. Although this
data is often text, most Web page data comes
in one of two formats: a table or preformatted
A Web page table is a rectangular array of rows
and columns, with data values in the cells
created by the intersection of the rows and
columns. Preformatted text is text that has
been structured with predefined spacing. In
many cases, this spacing is used to organize
data into columns with fixed widths.
Both types of data are suitable for import into
Excel, which enables you to perform more
extensive data analysis using the Excel tools.
1 Click the cell where you
want the imported data
to appear.
2 Click the Data tab.
3 Click Get External Data.
4 Click From Web.
The New Web Query
dialog box appears.
5 Type the address of the
Web page that contains
the data you want to
6 Click Go or press Enter.
Excel loads the page into
the dialog box.
7 Click the Select Table
icon beside the table that
you want to import.
Excel selects the table.
8 If the page has other
tables that you want to
import, repeat step 7 for
each table.
9 Click Import.
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