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Refresh Imported Data
Chapter 7: Importing Data into Excel
Refresh Text Data
1 Click any cell inside the
imported text data.
2 Click the Data tab.
3 Click Refresh All.
4 Click Refresh.
Note: You can also refresh the
current data by pressing Alt+F5.
The Import Text File
dialog box appears.
5 Open the folder that
contains the text file.
6 Click the text file.
7 Click Import.
Excel refreshes the
imported text data.
More Options!
For certain types of external data, you can set
up a schedule that automatically refreshes the
data at a specified interval. This is useful when
you know that the source data changes
frequently and you do not want to be bothered
with constant manual refreshes. Follow steps 1
to 3 under “Refresh Non-Text Data,” and then
click Connection Properties. Select the Refresh
Every option and then use the spin box to
specify the refresh interval, in minutes.
More Options!
The refresh may take a long time. To
check the status of the refresh, follow
steps 1 to 3 under “Refresh Non-Text
Data,” and then click Refresh Status
to display the External Data Refresh
Status dialog box; click Close to
continue the refresh. If the refresh is
taking too long, follow steps 1 to 3
again, and then click Cancel Refresh
to cancel it.
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