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Separate Cell Text into Columns
Separate Cell Text
into Columns
You can make imported data more useful and
easier to analyze by separating the text in each
cell into two or more columns of data.
When you import data into Excel, one column
of that data may contain multiple items of
data. In imported contact data, for example, a
column might contain each person’s first and
last name, separated by a space. This is
problematic if you want to sort the contacts by
last name, so you need some way of separating
the first and last names into their own
Excel makes this easy by offering the Text to
Columns feature, which examines a column of
data and then separates it into two or more
columns, depending on whether the original
data uses a delimited or fixed-width format.
For more information about these two formats,
see the section, “Import Data from a Text
1 Insert a column to the
right of the column you
want to separate.
Note: If the data will separate into
three or more columns, you can
insert as many new columns as you
need to hold the separated data.
2 Select the data you want
to separate.
3 Click the Data tab.
4 Click Text to Columns.
3 4
The Convert Text to
Columns Wizard – Step 1
of 3 dialog box appears.
5 Click to select the
Delimited option.
6 Click Next.
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